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Midnight Health delivers innovative online healthcare solutions.

To democratise healthcare through a patient-centred digital platform that consolidates the fragmented industry, simplifies experiences, improves accessibility and enhances patient outcomes.

Healthcare is fragmented. Patient experiences are poor. Accessing care is a problem.

So we’re building a Healthcare Engine, that will allow us to develop a Complete Healthcare Ecosystem.

The starting point for managing your health.


Our Brands


Youly provides hassle-free women’s healthcare, covering e-prescriptions and delivery of treatments such as the contraceptive pill, thrush, HSV-1, HSV-2 and Australia’s first emergency contraception delivery service


Stagger is a digital healthcare service designed to support Australian men with their health needs in a quick, discreet and convenient way. Available to men ages 18+, Stagger provides e-prescriptions and delivery of treatments for various issues.

Hub Health

Hub.Health enables self-managed healthcare backed by an established team of medical experts. We prescribe medical treatments for birth control, sexual health, skin care, and everyday health. All treatments are prescribed online and delivered to your door.


Vidality helps people understand their unique gut microbiome and the ways in which it affects their health and wellbeing.
Then we blend and deliver unique daily supplements to address imbalances.

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