About Us

Our mission is to to democratise healthcare through a patient-centred digital platform that consolidates the fragmented industry, simplifies experiences, improves accessibility and enhances patient outcomes.

In the next ten years, we will see a fundamental shift in the way that we as patients manage our healthcare. Like many industries that have changed the way in which we manage our daily lives, digital technology will lead a transition to patient-led healthcare and enable us to lead a more fulfilling future through superior and consolidated digital first healthcare.

Midnight Health provides patient-led solutions with the primary goal of enabling them to take control of their own healthcare. We integrate our telehealth technology, doctors, pharmacy network and other partners to provide the seamless patient experience that you will see through any one of our brands like Youly or Stagger. 

We are excited to play our part in this healthcare revolution and give you the power to manage your health no matter where, how or when that may be.