Midnight Health

Charter of Healthcare Rights

Midnight Health

Charter of
Healthcare Rights

Midnight Health

Charter of
Healthcare Rights


Midnight Health supports that all persons receiving health care should have access to healthcare services and treatment that meets their needs and is person centred.


Midnight Health provides evidence-based high quality healthcare that meets national standards utilising expert opinion from peer reviewed medical literature to provide care in a safe and supportive environment.


Midnight Health recognises and advocates for diversity. Midnight Health believes all persons receiving health care should be treated as an individual, with dignity and respect, including medical decision making regardless of gender, sexual identity, culture, family background and personal beliefs.


Midnight Health is a health partner; we strive to collaborate and consider the Clinician and person receiving healthcare as a cooperative and supportive relationship. Midnight Health supports individual choice and recognises the importance of support persons in healthcare planning and decision making.


Midnight Health supports and expects all persons receiving healthcare to be informed about their condition, provided with assistance and education to enable informed consent including financial consent and have transparent and easily accessible personal health information. Midnight Health supports open disclosure in healthcare and learning from events that may arise during the delivery of health services to improve safety and quality of care and minimise harm.


Midnight Health ensures personal privacy and health care information is kept secure and confidential. As Health Partners, all persons receiving health care from our services can expect their privacy to be respected.

Give Feedback

Midnight Health actively seeks feedback from persons receiving healthcare without impacting their health care experience. Midnight Health engages with persons receiving health care via continuous quality improvement, patient representatives and advocates as contributing members to our Patient Consultation Group Clinical Governance subcommittee and through regular audit and surveying of patient reported experience and outcome measures.

Clinical Governance at Midnight Health

To support the delivery of safe and high-quality health care, and the best possible outcomes for patients in this complex environment, Midnight Health has aligned itself with the National Model Clinical Governance Framework for public and private health care organisations in the acute sector (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care 2017), and the Australian Digital Health Agency Clinical Governance Framework (Australian Digital Health Agency 2023).